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Become a host with Abodes of Oxford

Thank you for your interests in joining us at Abodes UK Ltd. Here is some information about being one of our owners.

Abodes UK Ltd or Abodes of Oxford is an agency that was set up to offer affordable, clean and comfortable accommodation in welcoming homes in and around Oxford and the UK to professional visitors. All rooms meet our minimum standards and are advertised on their own website page with full description, photographs and booking calendar. Once your accommodation is included on the website we are dedicated to promoting your rooms to the wide selection of visitors in order to maximise your bookings and your income.

All marketing, administration, payments and bookings are done by Abodes UK Ltd, so all you have to do is enjoy the pleasure of visitors enjoying your Bed and Breakfast.

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Wide selection of visitors national and international

We advertise to a wide audience of visitors who are looking for good comfortable accommodation and offer a ‘home from home’ place to stay for a wide selection of visitors.

Examples of types of visitors:

  1. Workers – looking for Monday to Friday and go home at the weekends
  2. Relocating – visitors staying whilst looking or waiting for their permanent lodging.
  3. Training – visitors coming for courses or secondments into the university or hospitals.
  4. Hospital – visitors whose relatives are in the hospital and they need somewhere welcoming nearby.
  5. International – visitors visiting relatives or exploring Oxford.


Type of accommodation you can offer

  1. Bed & Breakfast – where you offer continental breakfast at a laid out place on a table with all the breakfast ready for the visitors to help themselves.
  2. Room only – where no breakfast is supplied but they have the use of the kitchen to prepare their own.
  3. Self Catering – where you offer a separate accommodation with kitchen facilities
  4. Use of Kitchen – If your visitors need the use of the kitchen during the evening they can select the “Light use of kitchen” option, at an additional small charge – which includes the microwave, kettle, hob, toaster and grill. This encourages the long stay visitor to choose your accommodation.


Promoting Quality, affordability and comfort

Ensuring that visitors can book with confidence is paramount. We inspect all the accommodation and advertise it on a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ basis on the website. This allows the visitor to see exactly what is offered before booking the accommodation and avoids disappointment.



Description and Photograph for a dedicated website page

During our visit to you we will take detailed information and a wide variety of photographs. We prepare all of the details and produce a unique webpage for each of your advertised rooms including a full description of the accommodation and the local area. We ask our owners to approve all the information before appearing on the website. Your accommodation will then be included in all the searches made by the visitors and our office staff.

By advertising your accommodation individually the visitor can see what is offered and make their choice accordingly; the more flexible you are and the more facilities you offer, the wider an audience your room will appeal to.


On-line Booking Facility & Room Calendar Management

Your visitor can choose and book your room on-line. Each room has a calendar where visitors can book and pay using the website. To avoid double bookings it is essential that you keep your availability of the room up to date as on-line bookings take priority and a charge will be made to transfer a reservation.

You are able to block off dates that you need for personal use or for a break by using the Owners Login, where you will discover other information relating to your rooms and account. Please note that a minimum number of 26 weeks will be required to offer Abodes UK Ltd visitors during the year.

A Fair Price

Our aim is to recognise your efforts therefore each room will be graded by us and priced accordingly. Additional services are also individually priced unless agreed with the host.

Become a host now

Professional Agency Services

  1. Web Site Advertising
  2. Tailored Visitor Search Facility
  3. Web Search Engines
  4. Instant Booking
  5. Debit or Credit Card Payments -The booking is instantly secured with a deposit payment Confidential Service
  6. Early Payment – Unlike language schools or credit/debit card services where you can wait a month for payment we usually pay 7 nights after arrival straight into you bank account.
  7. Cancellation Protection – If the visitor cancels less than 7 nights prior to the arrival date we will honour the first week’s payment; however to be fair on the visitors we will actively re-advertise the room to attempt to re-book the dates. As the visitors are important to us we will refund any part of the dates that are re-booked. If we fail to re-let your room/s we will pay you in full for the first week
  8. Dispute Management – We act as an independent arbiter in any disputes between host and visitor and under strict adherence to the terms and conditions.

Commission only basis

As our % commission is added to your rates it is in our interest to provide you with as many booking as we can. Payment for the booking is made directly by the visitor as we handle all the administration. Payments are made directly into your bank account.


We do ask that our hosts keep the following updated:

  1. That the room is as described on the website and to keep us informed to any alternations.
  2. Availability calendars are kept up to date. This is essential to avoid double when the visitor books online. On-line bookings take priority and any refused bookings will be subjected to a £30 re-allocation charge.
  3. Any visitors introduced by Abodes is directed back for future reservations and not taken privately. In this way the hosts are covered by the Abodes UK Ltd terms and conditions.


Annual Membership Scheme

After the initial inspection we ask you to confirm your agreement by signing our terms and conditions where you request Abodes UK Ltd to advertise your accommodation for a minimum of 6 months. After this initial stage the membership then reverts on a rolling monthly basis.

I hope this has given you some insight into what we can offer you. If you need any further information, please call me on 01865 435229 or on my mobile at 07470032241





Owners are people who provide a welcome to their home on a B&B basis. All bedrooms are inspected and are to be clean & comfortable for the visitor to stay in and must meet our minimum standards.

Yes, as long as you can offer the visitor a home from home bed and breakfast accommodation within our minimum requirements of cleanliness, welcome and comfort.

We offer our services to all visitors looking for accommodation. These may be visiting academics, professional people temporarily working in Oxford or parents proudly visiting their children in the universities.

Providing a warm welcome in a comfortable and clean home.

You provide bed and continental breakfast, all visitors should be made to feel welcome and at home. You may prefer visitors to eat their breakfast separately in the kitchen or, if available, in a dining room.

To encourage the long term visitor we offer the light use of the kitchen which includes the microwave, toaster and grill. Visitors must leave the kitchen clean and tidy and use only at the times where it is convenient for you. This is charged as an optional extra for the visitor. However, the free use of a microwave is included.

This is one of the greatest draw of visitors to the accommodation as many are working away from home and either need to work in the evenings or contact family that may live far away. Wireless Internet is the most convenient and the least work for you. If you need any advise then contact us and we can help!

Only after full payment has been received. All your details are kept strictly confidential, even the photographs of the house will have the number air-brushed out. When an initial booking has been made, your name and telephone number will be given to the visitor to check that the details are correct and if there are any specific requirements. Upon receipt of the full payment your address will be given. We will not disclose your details to any other body unless we have received your authorisation.

Owners will be paid in the first week after the arrival of the visitor, either by cheque or directly into your account. Cancellations of reservations within 14 days of the arrival date will be paid for unless we can actively rebook the room.

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